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2019 Monografica JUDGES ANNOUNCED!

2019 Monografica

The Spanish Presa Canario Club has helped us to select and confirm this year's Monografica AND National Specialty. We are pleased to announce that Fernando Clemente will be judging the US National Specialty. Felipe Llanos Palacios will be judging the 2019 Monografica.

Both judges are being flown in from Spain. The Club is of course providing the translator for the judges and we are hoping everyone will get an opportunity to come out and meet these amazing breed specialists.

Just showing up to have your dog(s) evaluated by these Spanish judges is an amazing opportunity, and an EXCELLENT rating under one of these judges means that your dog ranks up in the highest categories of conformation as evaluated by some of the best breed specialists IN THE WORLD.

The small registration fee the club charges for this once in a lifetime experience is SO worth it. The only other way you would get this opportunity would be to fly your dog to Spain and attend a show there. Transport cost, ONE WAY, for just your dog can be thousands of dollars folks, so come take advantage of this!

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