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Working + Performance

The world of canine working and performance sports and events just about has everything for anyone, and just about any dog.  Our Presa Canario breed has been found to be one of the most versatile working breeds.  Most who are passionate about ensuring their Presa Canario live long, happy and healthy lives would say that they should have some sort of job. Giving a dog a job they enjoy can help to prevent an almost endless list of potential behavior issues (such as excessive barking, inappropriate chewing and digging, separation problems, and more). It can also help them maintain overall physical wellness.  From the farm to the front-lines, Presa Canario can be found across the world performing jobs alongside their handlers.

Working + Performance events are part of an integral thread of the PCCA.  Participation in our W + P events is a fantastic way to deeply bond with your Presa Canario, it's great physical and mental exercise, and it just might be one of the most personally rewarding endeavors of your life.  

Something special happens between owners and their dogs when they train for an event. As you and your dog develop the skills necessary for the trails and competition – and then demonstrate what you’ve learned – you experience a sense of accomplishment like no other. With your dog beside you at each turn, you become a true team in every sense of the word.

Participating in our Working + Performance events is often not just about winning ribbons or trophies, either (although a healthy competitive spirit doesn’t hurt). Most dog owners say it’s the many personal rewards that keep them coming back event after event.


And, we often hear that the friendships with other dog owners that are developed at these events are as important as the events themselves. 

“What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th President of the United States)


Working + Performance Committee


To assist the Club in the formulation of a long-range strategic plan that ensures the continued involvement of all Club members and keeps in mind the goal of total functionality of the breed;

To monitor the effects on conformation focus versus working focus on the breed with the hopes that an equal balance can be promoted and supported for the betterment of the breed always;

To monitor the strategic plan and review objectives for possible policy, programs, or other Club involvement;

To assist the administration in the formulation of policy or program to guide the Club always towards the long-range strategic plan.



To assist the Board of Directors in establishing long-range strategic goals, based on an appropriate assessment and analysis in light of the Working and Performance Committee’s Purpose;

To monitor the progress of the strategic plan (goals and objectives) (ongoing);

To report to the Board the progress of yearly objectives (quarterly);

To develop annual assumptions concerning the internal and external environments surrounding the Working and Performance aspect of the breed as a whole;

To receive from other committees recommendations for next year's planning objectives;

To make recommendations to the Board on all planning objectives for the next year;

W+P Committee

PCCA Working + Performance Awards

The PCCA is honored to provide recognition for dogs and handlers that showcase the Presa Canario in working and performance capacities. Included here you will find some of the titles and awards the PCCA offers.

Working + Performance Team of the Year

Working + Performance Kennel of the Year

Working + Performance Dog of the Year

PCCA Working Dog Level 1

PCCA Working Dog Level 2

PCCA Working Dog Level 3

PCCA Performance Dog Level 1

PCCA Performance Dog Level 2

PCCA Performance Dog Level 3

PCCA Working + Performance Champion

W+P Awards

We Need Your Support Today!


The Working Presa Canario Association (WPCA) works closely with the PCCA to offer many opportunities to earn titles through their organization, at sanctioned PCCA events.  Many of our members enjoy participating in in WPCA Working + Performance events, so the club has compiled a recent listing in all titles, and rules for each, offered by the WPCA for ease of reference.


SWP1 & 2 (Aptitude Testing)

OBT1 & 2 (Obedience)

JSR (Agility)

OAT (Scent work)

PDP1-4 (Drag Sled)


BST1-3 (Suitability)

PGT1 &2 (Personal Protection)

NL (Tournament)

Decoy Certification

WPCA Contact Information:

Deb Vigil 505.358.1665

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