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    Sat, May 18
    May 18, 2024, 12:00 AM – May 19, 2024, 11:50 PM
    Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, USA
    Come join us at our first ever AKC FSS OPEN SHOW! Hosted by the Presa Canario Club of America, through the Nebraska Kennel Club and AKC on May 18-19.
Calender of Events
Registering for an Event

To register for an event, you will need;

Owner or Co-Owner's Name 

Name of Dog

Name of Breeder *

Age + Sex of Dog

Name of Sire and Dam of Dog*

*if known

PCCA Event Rules and Regulations

It is your responsibility to read and understand these rules before participating.

Participation in any PCCA event implies that you have read and understand the rules as stated here.

*Uncontrollable or overly aggressive dogs may be asked to leave at the discretion of the organizers.  No refunds will be given.

*Dogs not entered in the show are allowed, but must follow the same rules as entered dogs. Please keep your dog under control, and be prepared if you are going to stay awhile. We recommend having a crate available in case you personally want to meet other dogs up close. All dogs must be up to date on appropriate shots.

*You are responsible for your own dog's care and welfare on the show grounds and any affiliated hotel property recommended by the organizers. We ask that you conduct yourself in a professional manner worthy of representing the breed. This means cleaning up after your own dog, yourself and having supplies to care for your dog at the show site (i.e. water, crate, etc.).  Please be prepared and be responsible regarding arrangements for your dog when not showing.

*You will be required to clean up after your own dog. Scoopers may be available on the premises, but be prepared with your own supplies as well just in case. Blatant offenders that do not clean up after their dog will lose any awards, and will not be allowed back.

*Pinch collars are NOT allowed IN THE RING, so please have another collar available with which to control your dog.

*Judges decisions in all events are final.

*Participants exhibiting unsportsman-like conduct will be asked to leave, and forfeit any awards, titles and without refund.

*Be ready to enter the ring when your class/name is called. This means pay attention to what's going on in the ring, and have your dog leashed, walked and ready.

*Due to the fact that critiques are given for each dog present, the show can run long. If you miss your class, the show will not wait for you.

* The organizers reserve the right to change judges or location if necessary up to Sept 5. Judges and location will be comparable or better quality, and location will not leave the state of Georgia.

*All dogs competing in events MUST be up to date on shots, and owners must be prepared to prove it in case of emergency

*Please control your children. Uncontrolled children who are being a nuisance or aggravating the dogs will be asked to leave. Please keep in mind that there is NO planned entertainment for children at this event, and not all dogs are kid-friendly. This is a DOG show, and dogs will take precedence.


  • Does the Monografica earn me points in any other showing venue (UKC, Rarities etc.)?

    • No. The Monografica is independent of all other show venues. It is not a pointed show. You do not win points towards any other Championship titles, nor does winning your class earn you and special titles other then "American Monografica  Best Adult Male" for example.

  • My dogs are UKC/AKC/UPPCC/FIC registered. Can they still compete?

    • Yes. All dogs believed to be Presas can compete in both shows. You do not have to be of any particular registry, nor any particular club affiliation, although DCCA members do enjoy special discounts.

  • What do I need to bring to the show?

    • Although we have a venue location for the show, we advise you to bring a shade source for you and your dogs if you wish to set up outside. Preferably a portable tent. Also crates for any dogs you bring, and lots of water. Pinch collars are not allowed in the ring. We recommend a well fitting choke chain, and sturdy but unbulky leash. A copy of the dog's vaccinations records is also important to bring along.

  • What events are open to the public?

    • All events are open to the public. We do not charge admission, and if you want to enter any event with your dog you are allowed. The only restrictions are that the dog must be intact for the conformation shows. They may be altered for working events, and can be a breed other the Presa as well.

  • I want to take pictures/video. Is that allowed?

    • We allow pictures, as long as you do not get into the ring, or in the way of the official photographer(s). Pictures with the judges are available by request, with the show photographer, after the whole show they are judging is complete, and there may be a charge for them.

  • Do I have to pre-register?

    • In order to run a more efficient show, we have begun STRONGLY encouraging pre-registration. You can pre-register on the day of the show, but the price will be much higher to compete, and the time to register will be very limited. So if you are not sure you will be there in time in the morning, it is advised that you pre-register. The exception to this is for the working events, which may be registered for typically the day of the event.

  • When should I arrive at the show/event grounds?

    •  We usually recommend arriving NO LATER then 30 minutes before the schedule start time. This will give you time to find a spot, check in, and get your camp set up to your comfort. This also allows some socializing time before the show is on. This also allows your dog time to get used to the sights and sounds before getting taken into the ring.

  • Is it indoor or outdoor event?

    •  For each venue as much information about the event grounds as possible will be provided, please check the event details.  

  • Does my dog need to be registered with a specific registry/ I don't have my registration papers yet? 

    • We are no longer asking about registration, so this is not an issue. If you bought a dog as a "presa" or a "Dogo" Canario, bring it out and our judges will tell you how it measures up to the Canarian standard for the breed. However, the dog must be INTACT for an exam. 

  • What if I don't know how to show/have never shown before?

    •  Our Monografica event is modeled after the Club Espanol del Presa Canario events of the late 90's, not current show events.  It is a relaxed atmosphere where your dog will be judged by experts in the breed against the standard, not other dogs, and given a written critique detailing this.  However, we do ask that you wear a nice casual outfit (please, no kennel shirts or shorts) while in the ring. We also ask that your dog is clean and presentable, that you have good control over your dog while at the event, and that you treat everyone else you meet with respect, as well as respecting the show site and the hotel. Your dog should be controllable on a chain collar, should have reasonable manners around other dogs, should stand still for the judge and allow the judge to run their hands over it, should allow either the judge to touch and examine his mouth, or for you to handle his mouth to show the judge. You might want to practice "gaiting" your dog (i.e. a slow jog) so they are expecting this when they get in the ring, and don't forge ahead, or lag behind an trip you. 

  • Are there entertainments for the family at this event?

    • While there may plenty of room to run around in other sections of the venue, there is no specific entertainment scheduled during the show, so please take this into account when bringing children along. 




Event Rules and Regulations
Register for an Event
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