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HOLY WOW PRESA PEOPLE!!! There is something for every Presa lover and enthusiast at this event, you will NOT want to miss out.

If you own a Presa, or own 50 Presa, we are calling on YOU to come on out and support the most amazing BREED ON THE PLANET (we might be bias, sorry). This program of events is geared to include something for everyone. You have am agility Presa? BRING IT. You have a show stopper Presa? BRING IT. You have a protection Presa? OOOH BRING IT! You want to relax and drink some wine with your snugly Presa? WE GOT YOU COVERED at the International Wine and Cheese Canine Festival Sat night!

Packed with education, loaded with PRESA LOVE, this is an event for you and your dog(s) to SHINE or just kick back and enjoy the show.

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